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Coin Cycles is a faucet where you can choose between any of the cryptocurrencies that we support, the one that you want to earn automatically. We strive to provide you with the best payments and the best satisfaction when using our Auto Faucets.


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What is a faucet?

A faucet is a website that collects cryptocurrencies and then redistributes them little by little among the people who enter the website and want to get a little. The main objective is to help people who do not have or have few resources to obtain cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.
Sometimes you don't even need to take an action (at least not literally). By simply visiting the faucet, you can claim cryptocurrencies and then send them to your digital wallet. In general, special wallets are used that allow small transactions to be received (micro wallets or micro exchanges) such as ExpressCrypto.

At CoinCycles you can get satochi of many coins every 60 seconds with the least effort and that is our main objective.

How much can I earn?

At CoinCycles our goal is to be one of the cryptocurrency taps with the best payout rates in all currencies. Therefore, to ensure that our claim amounts are as high as possible, we automatically adjust the rate based on a number of factors, including the BTC to USD exchange rate and our advertising revenue. You can currently claim up to 120,000 satoshi every 60 seconds as is the case with Dogecoins.


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